Free to play on iOS and Android
WordOn HD brings an addictive word game with a twist! Strategically form words on your single row board and challenge your opponent by giving hard to use "WordOn" letters. Challenge your facebook friends in weekly tournaments.

Game fully translated into English, Dutch, German, French, Italian and Spanish. With additional dictionaries for Norwegian and Swedish players. We will update these from time to time to allow even more players to enjoy WordOnHD!
"This game requires creative puzzle solving to get the highest scores. Awesome!"
Omabuela on Appstore
"Absolutely love this game. The one downfall to it is I don't want to stop playing once it starts"
Kim on Google Play
"Compared to other games, this is awesome, even after a long time"
Motormuizenfamilie on Appstore
"This is the best game ever!"
Chrisomo on Google Play
"Very addicting!"
Ladyfoxje on Appstore
"New twist on an old game, Just love it!"
Gail on Google Play
How to be an expert at the game
Want to know how much you can improve your game? Activate the Wordalyzer and aim for that 5-coin word!
Letters on "W" spots will become WordOn tiles to use for your opponent. Pay attention to what you give away.
Double Word Score
Just like you give them away, you will receive WordOn tiles yourself. Using them all will double the score of your word! While not using them leads to a penalty. Ouch.
Increase Score
Some special spots on the board will increase your score. 3xL will triple the letter value and +10 will give you 10 additional points.
Peek (1 star)
Sometimes you need a little bit of extra intel. A quick look on his or her letters. This might especially come in handy during the endgame turns.
Hint (1 star)
Ever had the perfect word on the tip of your tongue? We'll put a letter for the best option on the right spot. The rest is up to you.
Simply tap an avatar (photo or other image) to see who you're up against. Look at those stats!
There are times when you just don't know what to do. Well, you can always discard two letters and get new ones from the pile. But you will lose your turn.
Swap All (2 Stars)
This is an improved version of the Swap which not only gives you a full new set of letters to work with, you even get to keep your turn!
You can't swap letters when the pile is empty, meaning you will simply have to pass.
Frequently asked questions
How does the scoring system work?
You can double and triple letter values by using the 2xL and 3xL spots on your board;
10 bonus points are rewarded for a 7-letter word;
Your word score doubles when using all WordOns from your opponent;
Penalty: The total value of unused WordOns will be subtracted from your word score.
Where can I find a tutorial?
How can I resign a game?
I just want to let my opponent know I'm waiting. Can I poke?
Why can't I download WordOn HD to my device?
Where can I view my stats?
Where can I view my achievements?
How can I change my username, password or avatar?
I forgot my password! What should I do?
What's this WordOn Strength all about on a profile?
What are Coins and Stars for?
What does the Coin Booster do?
How does the weekly tournament work?
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